A Closer Look at the Home Buying Process

Our previous article discussed the importance of finding a trusted real estate agent and also going through the process of obtaining a mortgage pre-approval letter. Today, we will look at two more steps in the home buying process.

Narrow Down Location

Once you have engaged a trusted real estate agent, you should work on exploring different locations you would like to consider. The Tampa listing agents/Orlando listing agents/South Florida listing agents at One Percent Guys Full Service Real Estate Pros will sit down with you to discuss your needs and desires and help narrow down some locations that fit with your family and lifestyle.  Some aspects to consider include budget, proximity to job location, schools for children, desire to live in the city, suburb, or rural community, etc.

Learn About the HOA’s

Many neighborhoods in Florida have a homeowner’s association (HOA). It is a good idea to know whether or not the area you are looking in has an HOA and if so, what are the dues, rules, and regulations, etc. For instance, if you have a business with a commercial vehicle, but the HOA does not allow you to park commercial vehicles in your driveway, then you may want to consider looking in a different neighborhood. Tampa seller agents/Orlando seller agents/South Florida seller agents are familiar with the HOA’s in most neighborhoods and can provide the covenants for you to review before making an offer.

Our next article will cover more steps in the home buying process.

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